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Smart Sanitizer Masks & Gloves Vending Machine

Mrunali Surendra Gharat, Vishakha Chandrakant Loke, Namrata Rajesh Rai, Aishwarya Suresh Salunke


This project gives a brief idea about the automatic hand sanitizer and gloves vending machine. The sanitizer's flowing liquid is regulated by a motor connected to a power supply and a pipe connected to a reducer.

The corona virus disease is a major problem in the future world. Presently there is no medicine or vaccine found in the present world. Since there is severe attack in this world, the people are suffering from the corona disease. The corona disease is not a simple virus attack, it makes severe to the human by infecting the respiratory system The virus disease is rapidly spreading across the world, with countries attempting to track and control the spread of corona in their own countries and other countries. The planet is suffering greatly as a result of the corona virus. The corona disease is being closely monitored in the country to prevent it from spreading. To keep the corona disease from spreading across the country, there is a strict evaluation going on everywhere. The hospital and nurse staff are working tirelessly to treat those who have been afflicted and prevent the virus from spreading to those in the region.

Everywhere, masks and sanitizer are available to prevent people from spreading the virus and to destroy the virus on human hands. The virus is transmitted by saliva from human hands and mouths. The mask cloth controls the mouth spread, while the hand wash sanitizer controls the human hand. The act of pressing the dispenser with one's hand has spread from person to person. To monitor and manage the spread from human to human, there should be an automated hand wash sanitizer vending machine.

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