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Navigating Higher Education: Investigating the Efficacy of College Enquiry Chatbots

Sameer Awasthi, Mohammad Muzzammil, Shahnawaz Ahmad, Harsh Srivastava, Jitendra .


College Enquiry A chatbot is a kind of online application, and this project's primary goal is to give information about colleges. It only provides information on colleges. Something along the lines of "How many branches in college? "How many pupils are in each branch? "By adding some more features and making some improvements we can embed this project into the working site of the college. A chatbot is a software program crafted to engage in natural dialogues with humans, imitating our conversational patterns. Its core purpose involves managing diverse tasks, such as addressing inquiries, that typically necessitate human involvement. Utilizing straightforward language, chatbots were initially conceived to replicate human interaction, aiming to trick individuals into believing they were conversing with another human. They serve various functions, particularly in fields like customer. service and call centers, employing artificial intelligence techniques to communicate efficiently. The primary objective is to emulate human-like intelligence, resulting in a multitude of architectures and functionalities tailored for specific uses. Chatbots may mimic human speech quite effectively, but they frequently have trouble with dynamic learning, adapting, and remembering the context of the interaction. This project is a web-based chatbot that can converse with people using artificial intelligence language and libraries for natural language processing. It's a straightforward bot that responds to inquiries about the college. Here, a human and a machine are interacting through a chatbot. The gadget might be a tablet, smartphone, PC, or another type of device. We may use any device and access the information from any place. We use "Natural Language Processing" to make it simple for a machine to comprehend human language. The utilization of "Natural Language Processing" will facilitate human-computer interaction comfortably.

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