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Design and Analysis of Universal Pick and Place for Ring Gear

Abhijeet Jitte, Dhanapal Kamble


Today is the modern-day world, the need for a more economical and safer means of increasing production in the manufacturing industry is vital. Nowadays replace the ‘human-being’ by a simple machine. In automation with the use of control systems and information-technologies reduce direct interaction between man and machine. Automation brings accuracy, precision, and efficiency. Since automation replaces the human-being. The automation is playing an important role to save human efforts in most of the regular and frequently carried works. In industry picking jobs from one place and placing it to the destination is most commonly performed work. The pick and place mechanism are a controller based mechatronic system that detects the object, picks that object from the source location and places at the desired location. Heavy materials sorting can be done by pick and place robot. Usually, the transfer process of the heavy materials is being carried out using manpower and if the transfer process is repeated for a period of time, the efficiency of an operator decreases and may causes injuries. The operator will make mistakes whether small or big everyone in a while. Today industrial world, the industry cannot afford to take kind of mistakes. Every mistake is costly whether in money, material and time. Unlike the human, robots also have the ability to work for an extended time. Assembly of ring gear with diff-case at cold condition is not possible, so required to heat ring gear of differential up to 200°C then it assembles with diff-case. Manual assembly requires 3-Labour and less production per shift. The Company wants 300 Assembles of differential per shift, so it is required to develop an automatic pick and place universal gripper that picks ring gear and place it on induction heater. After heating again pick it from the induction heater and finally assemble with diff-case.


Ring gear; automation; automatic pick and place; induction heater

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Abhijeet Jitte, Dhanapal Kamble. Design and Analysis of Universal Pick and Place for Ring Gear. Journal of Mechatronics and Automation. 2019; 6(2): 18–35p.



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