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Uninterrupted Power Supply

Aprajita Kumari, Kavita Shrivastava, B. U. Kamble, A. A. Kautkar, S. M. Jadhav, V. V. Dhage


The uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are costly equipment. Their installations are profitable, if costly because outage of the power system is higher, as the installation or operation costs. The UPS application areas are: Traffic system, Hospital , Computer lab, Chemical industry. The UPS are used for to maintain continuity of supply. The power improvement analyzed by using uninterruptible power supply. The main components used in uninterruptible power supply are AC to DC converter , Battery to store DC and inverter DC to AC. When power supply is available which have two paths , one path  directly delivered to the load by using bypass-switch, another path is to battery. The UPS system consist of three major parts such as bridgeless power factor correction rectifier, by directional battery charger/discharger, and inverter. All the three parts have to be designed, developed and analyze. The UPS system can be operated in grid and battery mode of operation


Uninterruptible power supplies, power factor correction. AC, DC, power system

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