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Tubular Linear Induction Motors

Kavita Shrivastava, Aprajita Kumari, Swapnil G. Pawar, Mrunal M. Kadam, Sharvari S. Sakunde, Pranav M. Shiporkar


In this paper a mathematical model of tubular linear induction machines (TLIM) with hollowed induced part is recalled. Moreover, the design criteria of a TLIM with hollowed iron induced part are presented as well as the technological processes to be adopted and the choice of materials to construct the various parts. The methodologies for mechanical assembling and electric wiring are considered too. A prototype with bimetallic induced part has been designed and built. Finally, some experimental results on electrical and mechanical variables, when the machines are used as motors, are shown. 


Linear machines, cylindrical coordinates, mathematical model, tubular induction motors, tubular induction generators, lamination

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