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Robust Design of Damping Controller for Power System using a combination of Flower Optimization algorithm and Optimal Control Theory

Niharika Agrawal Agrawal, Mamatha Gowda


The power system experience low frequency oscillations due to various disturbances. It is very
necessary to damp these oscillations else it will endanger the system security and stability. High gain
and fast acting excitation systems do not provide the necessary damping torque and it can provide the
sufficient synchronising torque only. Lack of damping torque causes the oscillations of generator rotor,
So, Power system stabilizer (PSS) is used in the proposed work along with excitation system. PSS
provide an additional signal to the input of excitation system. So, that an electrical torque is produced
by the PSS in the generator which is proportional to rotor speed deviation. The gains of the PSS have
been tuned by a novel flower optimization algorithm. The PSS is used in the system to improve the
stability. The stability is further improved using optimal control theory and feedback gain k is passed
to the system which ensures and guarantees the robustness of the system. Thus, the proposed work is a
combination of flower optimization method and LQR based optimal control method for damping the
low frequency oscillations in the system.


Oscillations, optimal control theory, damping, power system, penalty, deviation

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