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Amit Kumar Richhariya, Ayush Kiledar, Amit Kumar, Ashwani Kumar, Ayush Bansal


The significant and prominent manufacturing process that takes place in the industry is cutting. Cutting is an everyday manufacturing process that is used to attain work pieces of desired shape and size. This project is intended to automate the methods of cutting as much as possible. Therefore, this project is all about ideation, design and fabrication of an automated hacksaw machine that can cut four work pieces simultaneously, using four hacksaws and a motor. The model is intended to function by applying the principle of scotch yoke
mechanism in order to convert the rotary motion of motor into reciprocating motion of the four hacksaws. The project also takes into consideration the aspects of heating of work piece and applies necessary and possible
mechanism in order to control the same. The project is strictly carried out on the designs made using solidworks software. Conclusively, this project is completely focused to increase the productivity of cutting operations and reduce the human intervention in the process, along with other modifications in the system.


Hacksaw, Solidworks Design, Cooling Mechanism, Calculations, Fabrication

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