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A Smart System to Control the Hazardous Gases in the Environment

Deependra Pandey, Anurag Shukla


Industries and vehicles are very important pillars of human beings growth in each field like games, music, power, war etc.  With the advantage of making lives easy they also have some disadvantages. These disadvantages are in various forms but the most effective disadvantage is in the form of hazardous wastes. Both industries and vehicles produce toxic air particles and gases. These air particles and gases cause various airborne diseases and results in many premature deaths. To avoid this we need a system that can monitor the environmental gas level and can help to reduce them. In this paper we are going to propose a smart system which is capable of understanding the toxic gas level and helps to reduce their level and at the same time produce the electricity as a useful by product and it also transmit the sensed data to the other monitoring station or hub using the cognitive radio technology. The cognitive radio simulation is done using MATLAB and the result shows the allotment of transmission rights to the secondary user.


Cognitive radio, Hazardous, Toxic air particles, MATLAB

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