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Identification of Die Erosion or Pit Marks & Development of Preventive Maintenance Procedure for Die Keeping

Bafna Yash P, Gaikwad Vishal S., Sabale Shubham S., Tribhuwane Dheeraj, Shri mangale Prashant L., Pravin Ingale, Manish Pandey


The objective of this project is to provide a technical solution needed to minimize the uncertainty and defects, such as Die Erosion or Pit Marks on dies used for casting & to give preventive maintenance procedure for Die Keeping at Sigma Electric Mfg. Corp. Ltd., Chakan, Pune. The aim is to achieve the zero defect production & good rate of production by eliminating the defects such as Die Erosion or Pit mark formation on dies when used for re-production after a specific interval of time ,the method to optimization will be the use of six sigma i.e. DMAIC method for elimination of problem. As stated above the approach for solving the project statement will be six sigma with DMAIC method, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.


Pitting, Die Erosion, DMAIC Approach

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