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DTMF Based Home Automation Without Using Microcontroller

Rajat Pandey, Sourabh Pandey, Satendra Gupta, Ravendra Singh, Apoorva Srivastava


DTMF based home automation:- Currently a day’s mobile has become a section of our lifestyle, because of low price of housing Automation through DTMF” is projected. It’s a DTMF (Dual tone multiple frequency) primarily based system contains 2 mobile phones, DTMF Decoder and UNL2003 main a part of the project. One mobile is employed as remote which can settled at way distance from home through that directions area unit felt occupation and another mobile is found reception act as a receiver. The management data area unit sent via the remote mobile as DTMF Tone, this DTMF tone is received by the mobile settled reception, the received DTMF tone is then decoded by DTMF Decoder IC MT8870. The output logic signal of Decoder is employed as input to the UNL2003. The UNL2003 to manage Home Appliances per output of DTMF Decoder. With the assistance of this technology we will operate it anyplace within the world and that we may management all the house appliances of the house. This technology can facilitate those folks that area unit physically challenged individuals. With this technology they will operate all the house appliances terribly simply with the assistance of mobile phones. Typically once individuals exit of the house they forget to modify off the house appliances and there could the wastage of power. The answer to the current drawback is DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) controlled home automation. We will management DTMF primarily based home automation with the assistance of mobile signal. Employing a DTMF technique the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) decoder is connected to the relay that is controlled by the mobile by creating a telephone to the opposite mobile while not victimization microcontroller


DTMF MT8870 decoder, ULN2003, RELAY, Mobile phone

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