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Design and Analysis of Hybrid Energy System with BESS for Standalone Micro Grid System

K. Sowjanya


The papers propose microgrid-distributed energy resources (DERs) for a rural standalone system. It consists of a solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system, a hydro system, and a battery energy storage system (BESS). A microgrid's (MG) energy management scheme is essentially governed by the MG's primary energy sources. To form the reference voltage within MG, the primary energy supply must be a dispatchable unit. In this paper, a micro hydro generator (MHG) is investigated as a dispatchable source for generating the sustainable voltage level of an MG operating under abnormal conditions. In this case, the term "abnormality" refers to a solar PV outage produced by intermittency during a changing demand state. However, the variable load cannot be corrected due to the mechanical time constant of the MHG and the rate of charging/discharging current limit of the energy storage system. The uncompensated variable load causes MG voltage control to be unsustainable.


Keywords- (DERs), MG voltage, MHG, (BESS),Hybrid energy

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