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Role of GO and rGO on the Structural Properties of PA6/PMMA Blend Nanocomposites

Srinivas Yekkala, Madhukar Katakam, Ramesh Suramoni, Mohan Babu Nandru


To understand and assess the role of Graphene Oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in the PA6/PMMA blend, nanocomposites, the PA6/PMMA (50:50 wt%) blend-based nanocomposites were prepare by loading different wt% of GO and rGO (1wt% and 3wt%), through twin screw melt extrusion followed by injection moulding technique. Different compositions of the nanocomposites were prepared using melt mixed method at 2300C by applying a rotational torque 50 N. All the specimens were prepared as per the ISO/ASTM standards. The prepared specimens were stored in moisture free bags, until further use. In order to understand the role of GO and rGO on the structural properties the PA6/PMMA blend nanocomposites, the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction (XRD) spectroscopic studies were carried out. The FTIR studies confirm the occurrence of all the characteristic peaks pertaining to the functional groups of the composites. It was also observed from the FTIR spectra that interactions among the different functional groups of the GO and rGO and PA6/PMMA observed. The XRD analysis of nanocomposites revealed the complete exfoliation of the GO and rGO in the PA6/PMMA polymer matrix and uniform dispersion of nanofiller in the matrix. These developed nanocomposites are suitable for biomedical, environment, shielding, energy and gas sensing applications.


Polymer blends, PA6, PMMA, Graphene Oxide, reduced Graphene, FTIR, XRD

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