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Numerical Prediction of Shear Modulus of Multi-Layer PUF Cored Sandwich Composites

Mohamed Aqhil Ahmed, Mir Safiulla, Ramesh S. Sharma, Nanjundaradhya N.V.


The present numerical investigation was mainly concerned with the evaluation of apparent shear modulus (Gc) of multi-layered polyurethane foam cored sandwich beams using a novel approach through the medium of general purpose program i.e. FEM/ANSYS. Aiming to the goal, three-point bending analysis was performed on sandwich beam models made up of composite face sheets and multi-layer polyurethane foam cores of different layer densities. Finite element models of sandwich beams were obtained successfully using nonlinear shell 91 element for face sheets (orthotropic material) and 8-noded shell 98 element for core (isotropic material). Various multi-layer core configurations in a stack of three layered core were studied. Prior to actual task, the proposed evaluation technique was verified using bench marks. Series of multi-layered cored beam models of different core configurations and span length were analysed in order to study the effect of layer configuration and its density on apparent shear modulus. From the present investigation, it is evident that the shear modulus of core configuration-2 (linearly ordered model) i.e. core layers arranged in linear order from lower density to higher density between facings under tension and compression appears to have improved compared to other configurations. Furthermore, the apparent shear modulus of the linearly ordered configuration is better than single cored beams of low core densities. However, its value is slightly lower than shear modulus of single core beam of high density layer of highest density. But upon comparison with modulus/weight, multi-layer core stands better.

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Mohamed Aqhil Ahmed MA, Mir Safiulla, Sharma Ramesh S et al. Numerical Prediction of Shear Modulus of MultiLayer PUF Cored Sandwich Composites. Journal of Polymer & Composites. 2017; 5(3): 53–61p.



Shear modulus, multi-layer core, sandwich beams, FEM/ANSYS, polyurethane foam

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