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Performance Investigation on Fault Analysis in Power Transformer using Modified Fuzzy Controller

C. Nagarajan, M. Kaliselvi, Keerthana P., Keerthiya P., Sukitha M.


This article presents the fault analysis and differential protection scheme of the three phase Power Transformers (PT). The proposed and designed relay operates mainly during the internal fault condition and it must be insensitive to any fault outside the zone of protection. In this paper, a designed and modified fuzzy logic controller based differential protection schemes have been used to product the system. The external and internal fault condition is found using the proposed method and the product system is blocks are tripped. The simulation result of modified Fuzzy Logic Controller with disparity relay for three phase transformer shows fast tripping during external and internal fault and also avoids the multiple operation of relay during external fault. The Fuzzy logic controller Inference Based differential relays to protect and isolate the transformer in various fault conditions using the proposed method breakers. The developed and designed system have rejection trip signal for internal and external faults. In this article, the proposed system is used to analyzing with 200MVA, Delta /Star, 50Hz, three phase transformer. The simulation result are tested with different phase conditions and results are compared the proposed system performance. The two study cases are presented to improve the system performance.

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