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A Novel Hybrid Power System for Urban or Remote Household Uses

Amzad Ali Sarkar, Sadia Sultana Turna


Implementation of renewable energy sources powered by wind has its limitations comparing to the same powered by solar cells and the latter is more practical in many cases. Again using solar cells in integrated applications many times introduces unnecessary complexity and high cost compared to the utilization they can serve. This paper proposes a photo-voltaic (PV) cell that serves as power source, an inverter and the utility grid together that will work as the singular source of energy for the house. Each of the PV-cell power source and the grid is able to provide half of the required energy at any time. The system encourages shutting down of unnecessary and less important electrical loads in case there is a grid voltage outage or solar system failure. The system does not suggest options for exporting the energy to the grid; therefore, reduces the complexity in designing while lowering the investment cost. The novel proposal is neither a grid connected nor an off grid solar system, rather it will be working together with the grid power sharing a common output transformer.

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