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Evaluating Lift Systems For Oil Wells Using Integrated Production Modeling: A Case Study Of A Niger Delta Field

Ugochukwu Ilozurike Duru, Onyebuchi Ivan Nwanwe, Chibuzo Cosmas Nwanwe, Akeem Olatunde Arinkoola, Anthony Ogbegbe Chikwe


An integrated production model for evaluating artificial lift systems is presented in this study to ascertain the need to install an artificial lift system or continue with natural flowing mode. An integrated model comprising of reservoir, wellbore and surface facility models representing basic stages of production. The integrated model took into consideration, factors that affect the liquid production at these stages and provide total liquid production at the surface, which would be used for computation of Net Present Valus. Decisions were made based on  the comparison of the Net Present Values obtained from each production mode (Natural, Gas Lift or Electrical Submersible Pump). Three wells from different reservoirs in the Niger Delta were used to illustrate the proposed model. From the results obtained, natural flowing production mode was more profitable for well A2 because it resulted in a Net Present Value higher than that obtained for Electrical Submersible Pump and Gas Lift by $ 7.92 million and $ 24.1 million, respectively. In the case of wells A6 and A7, the Net Present Value for the Electrical Submersible Pump were $ 9.04 million and $ 6.74 million higher than that for the Gas Lift respectively. The Net Present Value for the Electrical Submersible Pump was $ 9.04 million and $ 6.74 million greater than the Gas Lift for wells A6 and A7, respectively, indicating that the installation of an Electrical Submersible Pump would be more lucrative. Based on the results, it can be concluded that Electrical Submersible Pumps are more economically viable for these wells than Gas Lift system which agreed with previous research.


Integrated Production Model, Natural Flow, Gas Lift, Electrical Submersible Pumps, Net Present Value

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