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Arduino Based Motor Control Using LabVIEW

Rohit Adinath Dhotre, Patil P.R., Abhinandan Shivaji Bodale



Speed of a DC motor varies proportional to the input voltage. With a fixed supply voltage, the speed of the motor can be changed by switching the supply on and off so frequently that the motor notices only the average voltage effect and not the switching operation. This project focuses on controlling the speed of a DC motor using PWM technique. The project basically consists of Arduino and motor driver, thermal sensor and current sensor. The program is written in LabVIEW to take the input values from the user, which then rotates the motor by varying duty cycle pulse on the motor. Arduino along with LabVIEW are used to create the virtual instrument for designing a real time embedded controller for controlling the speed of a DC motor in an open loop control system.

Keywords: Arduino, DC motor, duty cycle pulse, LabVIEW, open loop control system

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Patil PR,Rohit Adinath Dhotre, Abhinandan Shivaji Bodale. Arduino Based Motor Control Using LabVIEW. Journal of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits. 2016; 3(1): 6–12p.

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