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Flip chip package to revive authenticated proclaim

Bangshidhar Goswami


This article is described to access optimal manufacture process for flip-chip package. Method of electrical connection has subjected in flip chip to describe interlink of die to package carrier. Connection from die to exterior of package has thus, dealt by package carrier that has been either substrate or lead-frame. Interconnection between die and carrier has made using wire to subject standard package. Nevertheless, advanced technology nodal device fabrication has scriptive issued use Cu/low-K stack after improve of following criteria. Low-K dielectric has subtended sensitivity from assemble and pack stresses, subjective has linked to incur inferior mechanical properties than convened dielectric materials. Suggestive issued has investigated clue by finite element analysis (FEM) method to assure package reliability.


Flip chip, Ball grid array, Solder, Cu-pillar, Packaging, Photoresist

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