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Bund Breakage Predictor and Automatic Field Irrigation System

Jeneesh Scaria, Abhijith A, Anjana A, Jeevan Das, Nikhil R Krishnan


Bunds are one among the most common techniques used in agriculture to collect surface run off, increase water infiltration and prevent soil erosion. Their principle is comparably simple by building bunds along the contour lines, water runoff is slowed down which leads to increased water infiltration and enhanced soil moisture. Water is an important resource for agriculture. Bund breakage predictor and automatic field irrigation system is used to calculate the flow and pressure of the water and there by predicting the chances of bund breakage. The flow of water is always dependents on various factors like environmental changes, wear and tear of bunds surface etc. Here we use raspberry pi as the controller. To check the pressure and flow of water under the bund we use under water pressure sensor and ultrasonic sensor. If the pressure goes beyond the preset critical value the device will alert the farmers to take necessary precautions. The proposed system is also helpful in identifying and controlling the water level in the field. That is if the water level is higher than the preset limit the water will be driven out from the field to the nearest water bodies with the help of a motor. So that the safe harvesting can be achieved. This is a system which will provide duel function with a cost effective manner.


Automatic irrigation system; Raspberry pi; underwater ultrasonic sensor; pressure sensor; DC motor; Submersible pump; Buzzer

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