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Analysis of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Algorithms Using Various Noise Channels

Divyaraj Jadeja, Arjav Bavarva, Radhika Senjaliya


As we know that now a day’s there is a huge advancement in wireless communication and its applications, efficient use of spectrum has been a great issue for researchers. Due to such issue, development in cognitive radio (the intelligent network) has been in demand which will analyze the spectrum to increase its efficiency by utilizing it properly. This paper focuses on sensing the spectrum in order to find out the licensed underutilized spectrum, to accommodate it to the secondary user without interfering the primary user. Two spectrum sensing methods, i.e. Energy Detection (ED) method and Cyclostationary feature detection (CFD) method are carried out over three fading channels (AWGN, Rayleigh, and Rician) at different SNR values were prior knowledge of the signal is not required. Similarly graph of such simulation has been resulted and compared in this paper. This simulation proves that at low SNR, CFD is used.


Cognitive radio, spectrum sensing, Energy detection spectrum sensing (ED), cyclostationary feature detection spectrum sensing (CFD), primary user (PU), additive white gaussian noise (AWGN)

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