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Communication Interpretation Device for Deaf and Blind

Prerna Sinha, Mrunal Naik, Praful Nar, Mayuri Sawant, Umesh Pinjarkar


Abstract-At immediate circumstances differently abled people require pathway to lead a normal life. Technology has always helped people with disabilities. Due to digital revolution, many apps and gadgets have reduced the challenges faced on a daily basis by differently abled. The aim of our research paper is to create a single device solution in such a way which is simple, fast, accurate and cost-effective. The main purpose of the prototype is to make the differently abled people, feel independent confident by seeing, hearing and talking for them. Having limited or no access to visual and environmental information can impact a person’s ability to function in a variety of situations including navigating around their environment, socially interacting and accessing printed materials.



Speech to text, Arduino uno, 1sheeld, environment.

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