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Optimal Location of IPFC based on Installation Cost in a Power System Network using ABC Algorithm

S. Sreejith, shishaj P simon, M P Selwan


This paper presents a methodology for locating the optimal position of Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) in a power system network based on installation cost. The proposed methodology uses both conventional and non conventional optimization tools such as LR and ABC, respectively. This methodology is formulated mathematically based on installation cost of the FACTS device and generation cost of the real power. IPFC is modeled using Power Injection (PI) model and incorporated into the power flow. The ability of IPFC to control the real and reactive power simultaneously in multiple transmission lines is exploited here. The algorithm is used to find the optimal dispatch of generating units and the optimum value of IPFC parameters apart from locating the optimal position. The proposed methodology is compared with existing LR method by testing on standard test systems like 5 bus, IEEE 30 bus and IEEE 118 bus systems. A detailed discussion on voltage profile and power flow improvement is also carried out which reveals that incorporation of IPFC in a power system on an optimal location significantly enhance load margin as well as system stability.


Keywords:  IPFC, power flow control, ABC Algorithm, cost minimization, modeling

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