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An Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer (IDVR) to Mitigate Voltage Sags

Komal R. Bhosale, Chandrakant R. Lakade


Nonlinear load are the vast source for voltage sags. Loads such as arc furnace, large variable frequency drives (VFD) Voltage interruptions can cause severe economic loss to the power system. To protect sensitive loads at the consumer side generally a DVR (dynamic voltage restorer) can be used. DVR is connected in series with the line by injection transformer and it is generally located at the distribution side. DVR is basically a power electronic device, which has become popular in protecting industries against voltage disturbances. DVR injects an appropriate voltage in series with the supply voltage through the injection transformer if the voltage sag is detected. By using DVR, we can improve the power transfer ability and also the transient stability of the distribution system. Nowadays instead of using a single DVR we can use an IDVR (interline dynamic voltage restorer), which can be connected between two feeders.
Keywords: IDVR, DC link voltage, DVR, VFD

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