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Aspect of Power Transformer Design and Optimization

Chirag Parekh, Chetan Kotwal, Hiral Upadhyay


Transformer is one of the most important components of power system. Preliminarily it looks
a simple device but from analysis and innovative point of view, it is the big bank of
engineering, which comprises civil, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering. It is the
time of taking challenges and respective solution of minimizing cost of transformer without
affecting customer specifications. This is only possible by design optimization process.
Optimization is the process of making something better. Problems in engineering, economics
and physical and social sciences entail the optimization (minimization or maximization) of an
objective function subject to certain constraints (restrictions and tradeoffs). This paper deals
with modern design optimization of core type power transformers. Different methods are
presented to solve important transformer design problems.
Keywords: Transformer design, transformer design optimization (TDO), magnetic circuit, noload
losses, efficiency, sequential quadratic programming (SQP), MATLAB, TDO by iterative

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