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Power Distribution Network Restoration for Critical Load Conditions During Natural Disasters Using Distributed Energy Resources

T. Venkatesh, A. Jaya Laxmi


Electricity is getting a lot of attention these days because it is required for the smooth operation of many critical services (water, gas, communication, and so on). In order to assure a stable power supply, the electric distribution network is the final stage in sending electrical energy from the transmission scheme to users. Major disasters are unpredictable, unwanted, and unpreventable events. These impacts are magnified and intensified by damaging the electrical power distribution network's load demands and infrastructure. Natural disasters add to the problem of power distribution network rehabilitation. An effective plan for recovering the power distribution network is required to do this. Several restoration strategies are also discussed in this study. This research looks at a new Distributed Energy Resource (DER) restoration technique based on the Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) that uses an updated feeder for post-restoration failures to restore essential loads in distribution networks during extreme weather events.

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