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Force Analysis of 2-Wheeler Swingarm Using Ansys Workbench

Anjali J. Joshi, Shreyas Bhadane, Suyash Udare


Every two-wheeler carries a swingarm that forms the vital part of its suspension system. The research is done by relevant literature related to automotive component testing and is followed by current swingarm test analysis. In a review of current test systems for durability testing of swingarm, we came across Kurt Potter’s test rig, Leyni’s test bench and Reno Chako’s test rig. These test rigs accurately applied the forces as of real-life test track but failed to consider the multi-axle variable loads. The objective of this research is to perform FEA analysis of the swingarm using biaxial forces to overcome their limitations. The stresses and strains arising within the swingarm are properly analysed. Also, after analysing different loads, we have got the actual points of stresses and deformation throughout the body of swingarm.


Swingarm; FEA analysis (Finite Element Analysis); uni-axial forces; bi-axial forces; fatigue failure

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Joshi Anjali J Shreyas Bhadane Suyash Udare. Force Analysis of 2-Wheeler Swingarm Using Ansys Workbench. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications. 2019; 6(1): 25–32p.



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