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Designing and Simulation of Novel 6T CNT Based Schmitt Trigger on 32 nm Regime

Akanksha Gupta, Divyanshi Ahuja, Priyanka Shrivastava, Sudeepti Shukla, Shivam Gangil, Sonali Gupta, Nikhil Saxena


With the advancement of technology, we are needed to make the circuits more efficient, and for this, less leakage current and leakage power circuits are needed. Taking this into account, a model of Schmitt trigger using C-MOS (complementary mosfet) and CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) has been compared. We have worked on C-MOS and CNT circuits by using H-SPICE software. As a result, it is found that leakage current and leakage power is less in CNT as compared to C-MOS. Also, it is found that propagation delay in CNT based Schmitt trigger is nearly same as CNT based Schmitt trigger on giving 0.9 V supply, but as per the today’s scenario, leakage is more concerned parameter in digital circuits, so in this article, leakage is taken as lead parameter. In this article, complete work is done on 32 nm technology node. 

Keywords: CNT, C-MOS, propagation delay, leakage current, leakage power, Schmitt trigger, fabrication technology

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Akanksha Gupta, Divyanshi Ahuja, Nikhil Saxena et al. Designing and Simulation of Novel 6T CNT Based Schmitt Trigger on 32 nm Regime. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2018; 9(2): 1–4p.

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