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Comparative Analysis of FD-DMDG SON MOSFET over FD DMDG SOI MOSFET

Prashant Kumar, Munish Vashishath, P K Bansal



In the recent past, Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) shows better device performance in comparison to bulk Silicon devices but it still suffers from different short channel effects (SCEs). Recently a structure, Silicon on Nothing (SON), has been suggested and investigated. It is structured to be capable of substantial reduction of SCEs and present better electrical characteristics in comparison to SOI. The absence of the buried layer results in the reduced electrostatic coupling between substrate and drain/source which makes fully-depleted (FD) SON MOSFET as the significant structure for enhanced electrical performance. In the current research work, a Dual Material Double Gate (DMDG) Fully Depleted (FD) SON MOSFET is under analysis for electrical performance and it is compared with DMDG SOI MOSFET. It is observed that DMDG FD SON MOSFET has steps profile of channel potential, hence reduced SCEs, better scalability and device performance is obtained. The improvement in the drain current and transconductance was also observed in DMDG SON structure in comparison to the DMDG SOI structure.

Keywords: Dual Material Gate; Double Gate; Fully depleted MOS; SON MOSFET; Channel potential profile; Silvaco TCAD

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Prashant Kumar, Munish Vashishath, Bansal PK. Comparative Analysis of FD-DMDG SON MOSFET over FD DMDG SOI MOSFET. Journal of Electronic Design Technology. 2018; 9(1): 9–16p.


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