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Energy Estimations and Hypothetical Design of an Exclusive Tourism Spot in Coastal Region Named “Bhasan Char” of Bangladesh

Taskina Nasrin


Bhasan Char is a coastal island at Hatiya upzilla of Noakhali District. It is a single char
which has been uncovered from the Bay of Bengal a few years back. An emergency
humanitarian project implemented by the government of Bangladesh at this coastal island
“Bhasan Char”, from September 2017, to temporarily rehabilitate a portion of incoming
Rohingya refugees before they can repatriate to their homeland, Myanmar. Under this
project, government of Bangladesh carries out land development, construction of embankment
as well as other infrastructures. Upon repatriation of Rohingya to Myanmar, we can use the
developed land and surroundings as exclusive tourist zone due to its location from mainland.
This paper is a proposal to establish Bhasan Char as an exclusive tourism spot in modular
basis as a pilot project. We have carried out a hypothetical design of this spot and also
calculated the energy requirement for sustainable operation. We have selected environment
friendly green energy to be as a major source of energy. We want pollution level to be very
minimum there.
Keywords: Bhasan Char, Renewable energy, Rohinga refugees, solar energy, sustainable
energy system, tourism industry, wind energy

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