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Extended Switched Inductor Quasi Z Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications

V. Saravanan, M. Aravindan, V. Balaji, M. Arumugam


A novel extended switched inductor quasi Z source inverter is proposed in this paper for better voltage boosting with improved power factor and reliability. The operation of the proposed inverter is described with its equivalent circuit explaining operating states such as shoot through and non-shoot through states and outlining the relationship between output voltage, total harmonic distortion and power factor. Simple boost scheme is used for switching actions of the inverter. Simulation and experimental results are presented to illustrate the performance of the proposed inverter topology. The proposed inverter has reduced voltage stress on the passive elements and better inversion ability and it can be used for photovoltaic applications.


Keywords: Switched inductor quasi Z source network, Z source inverter, extension, voltage boosting ability, capacitor voltage stress, power factor improvement

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V.Saravanan, M. Aravindan, V. Balaji. Extended Switched Inductor Quasi Z Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications. Journal of Power Electronics and Power Systems. 2017; 7(2): 14–23p.

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