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A Novel Improved Model of Three-phase Shunt Active Power Filter using Adaptive Tabu Search and Genetic Algorithm in Aircraft Power Utility of 400 Hz

Saifullah Khalid, Bharti Dwivedi


A new improved model of aircraft shunt filter has been proposed in this paper. The shunt active power filter model has been improved using Adaptive Tabu Search Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm. ATS algorithm has been used to obtain the optimum value of parameters of the PI controller; whereas Genetic Algorithm has been used to find the optimum value of filter inductor used in active filter. The new improved model of shunt Active power filter (APF) clearly demonstrates the compensation of reactive power, harmonic currents, and unbalance in source currents. Proposed aircraft shunt filter also provide proper solution to the neural current in the system.  The simulated results using MATLAB model are presented and they clearly prove the effectiveness of the proposed control method of aircraft shunt APF.


Keywords: active power filter (APF), adaptive tabu search, genetic algorithm, harmonic compensation, neural network, reactive power, IEEE 519-1992

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