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Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Optical Fiber Communication System using FBG and EDFA

Raghavendra Patidar, Deepak Bansal



Nowadays optical communication is a most significant technique to transmit the data. In daily life we share our useful data by using optical network but dispersion is the main factor towards limiting the performance of optical system. However, the compensation of dispersion by Dispersion Compensating Fiber (DCF) and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) can boost significantly the system. This proposed work investigates and analyze the chromatic dispersion compensation in optical fiber communication system. The use of FBG is one of the most effective technologies to overcome chromatic dispersion problem due to its low cost and its negligible effect. Besides, there are several types of amplifiers such as SOA, EDFA, and Raman amplifier that have been introduced to overcome the attenuation effects. However, EDFA still provide better results. In this paper, we propose a new model using FBG & EDFA to deal with chromatic dispersion and signal attenuation.

Keywords: DCF, FBG, WDM system, VAS, DC, BER, SMF, Eye Diagram, Q-Factor, Optical power meter

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Raghavendra Patidar, Deepak Bansal. Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Optical Fiber Communication System using FBG and EDFA. Journal of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits. 2019; 6(3): 1–7p.

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NPTEL Module 5: Lecture Signal Distortion on Optical Fibers – Dispersion

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