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Performance Analysis and Optimization of a 1550 nm MQW VCSEL by Varying Differential Gain and Injection Current

Rashel Kabir, Rinku Basak



In this work, the performance characteristics of a 1550 nm top emitting multi quantum well (MQW) vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) using AlGaInAs/InP are presented.  Using this material the peak material gain is obtained as 1652.3 cm-1. A high performance designed VCSEL is obtained with the optimized value of differential gain and injection current. The optical output power of 31.37 dBm and the resonance frequency of 2.5 GHz are obtained at 6.1 mA of injection current and 1×10-16 cm2 of differential gain. Further by varying the injection current and differential gain up to 12 mA and 5×10-16 cm2, respectively a maximum resonance frequency of 7.7 GHz and the corresponding modulation bandwidth of 11.96 GHz are obtained which makes the laser capable for transmitting data at high speed through optical fiber.

Keywords: VCSEL, MQW, relative response, differential gain

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