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Comparative Analysis of Forward and Backward Auxiliary Selective ASE Pumping for L-Band EDFA

Subhash C. Arya



An exhaustive quantitative and comparative study of eight DWDM EDFA amplifier configurations has been conducted using Selective Wavelength Auxiliary Pumping (SWAP) by Forward Amplified Spontaneous Emission (FASE) and Backward ASE (BASE) pumping schemes for L-band signal gain enhancement and noise figure (NF) improvement. 31 dB gain and 5.19 dB NF at 1570 nm can be achieved using suggested optimum pumping configuration in L-band EDFA. The proposed design model can be used for WDM optical fiber communication systems and optical networking.

Index Terms:ASE, C and L-band EDFA, Auxiliary Pumping, OFC

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