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Optical Heating Ability of Er3+-Yb3+ Embedded TeO2-WO3 Glass for Thermometric Applications

Anurag Pandey, Dharmendra Kumar, H.C. Swart


The present research work details laser-induced optical heating ability of the Er3+-Yb3+ embedded TeO2-WO3 glass prepared by the melt-quenching process. The green upconversion emission observed through the 2H11/24I15/2 and 4S3/24I15/2 transitions of Er3+ ion upon 980 nm diode laser excitation was used to employ fluorescence intensity ratio technique. The results obtained from temperature sensing study were utilized to monitor temperature against pump power provided. The internal heating generated up to 627 K at 1840 mW pump power indicates the suitability of present glass in making an optical heater.


Diode; emission; laser; optical hear; thermoelectric

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