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A Low Delay Two-Channel Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank using IIR Filter

Aman Kumar, Ramesh Kumar Sunkaria


IIR filters have the advantage of low delay, high selectivity and stopband attenuation as compared to their counterpart FIR filters. In the present work, a low delay two-channel Quadrature Mirror Filter (QMF) bank using IIR filter has been proposed. The IIR prototype filter has been designed by approximating the FIR lowpass filter using the least square approximation. The length of the IIR filter has been selected using the bi-section method. The performance of the proposed design method has been evaluated in terms of mean square error in the pass band (Ep), mean square error in the stop band (Es), peak reconstruction error (PRE) and stop-band first side lobe level (A1). It has been observed that the IIR QMF filter bank outperformed to its counterpart with lesser number of filter taps.

Keywords: IIR QMF bank, low delay, bi-section method, peak reconstruction error, least square approximation


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Aman Kumar, Ramesh Kumar Sunkaria. A Low Delay Two-Channel Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank using IIR Filter. Current Trends in Signal Processing. 2017; 7(2): 1–7p.

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