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Optimization of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Plant

snehal patel


In today’s world where there are energy crises, there is a need to conserve the same. In order to conserve the energy, it is imperative to utilize its available forms as per the requirement that arise from the end user. In this paper, modeling and optimization of a combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) plant is done wherein minimization of exergy destruction is set as an objective function. Electric and cooling demands are specified for the plant in the beginning and depending upon the same, the decision variables over a span of 24 h are achieved after optimization procedure is imposed. The CCHP system has thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical components. It means that multiple energy domains exist. The objective function chosen takes care of the same which is the main advantage of using it in optimization procedure.


CCHP, exergy destruction minimization, electric demand, cooling demand

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