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Simulation of Nitric Acid Production

Amin M. Ruhul, A. A. Mamun, B. Bhowmik, M. S. Islam


Nitric acid has been known and esteemed for a long time. Most nitric acid is used in making ammonium nitrate. Its direct applications include photoengraving, metal pickling and passivation and the parting of gold and silver. Here the Oswald process is used to produce nitric acid. This process is simulated using HYSYS simulation software. The purpose of this simulation was to observe the thermodynamic properties of the process. We also observed the changes which will occur if the properties of different unit were changed. By performing simulation 35.3% aqueous HNO3 is obtained for 11020 lbm/hr air and 500 lbm/hr ammonia input flow.


Oswald, simulation, passivation, ammonia

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