Development of Electro-Magnetic Anti-Lock Brake System: An Idea

Ajay Tripathy, H. Chandra, Rahul Bhargava


Since the invention of automobiles, many brake mechanisms have been developed and tested, but the foot-operated friction brakes, actuated by hydraulic pressure have been prominently used. This paper explores and proposes an alternative to conventional braking system, in which, in place of a hydraulic unit, an electro-magnetic setup is proposed to make the complete braking system compact, light and efficient. The proposed system is a hybrid brake setup, which uses the principles of electro-magnetic brakes as well as friction brakes in conjunction, for the most efficient braking operation. The electro-magnetic actuation of the proposed brake system will also allow it to perform the functions of an anti-lock brake system. This system will completely eliminate the fluid and hydraulic elements in the braking system, which will further deter the potential demerits of conventional brake systems.

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Ajay Tripathi, Chandra H, Rahul Bhargava. Development of Electro-Magnetic AntiLock Brake System: An Idea. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications. 2017; 4(3): 18–23p.


Electromagnetic brakes, ABS, brake mechanisms, advanced brake mechanisms, hybrid brakes, eddy current brakes, efficient braking, electromagnetic actuation, alternative brake

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