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Automatic Tyre Inflation And Deflation System in Automobiles

R. P. Jamdar, S.T. Mane, S.S. Nimbalkar, D.G. Sahoo, A.B. Bhane


 Modern cars have a lot of features and electronic systems which support the driver in dangerous driving situations. Such systems are not only developed for keeping the cars under control, but they also try to improve the subjective feeling during driving and comfort. One of such systems has the task to measure and control the pressure of the tyres: Automated Tyres Pressure System (ATPS).The system is can be placed in all automobile while long drives and running on paved roadways. The prototype system which is mentioned in this paper is on bad surface road it remove air automatically approximately. And while running on plane surface it alert vehicle sensor signal alert the system and automatically fill air on the tyre in running condition


Keywords— Control applications, System engineering, Automotive Pressure measurements, pressure sensor, solenoid valve, pneumatic actuator, air compressor

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