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Hybrid Two-Wheeler Vehicle

Kavita Shrivastava, Aprajita Kumari, Jayesh Bhangale, Suraj Pingale, Keshav Sutar, Tushar Tukaram Arote


In last few decades the development of hybrid electric two-wheelers is mainly focused on the reduction of on road emissions produced by these vehicles. As these vehicles have added cost and complexity hence resulted in the failure of these systems to meet consumer expectations. This report presents a comparative study of the energy economy and development of a hybrid electric two-wheeler vehicle so that the efficiency of small two-wheelers such as scooters or low capacity motorcycles can be improved. The projected model is modified from a 125cc Engine combined with 72V, 18A heavy duty BLDC electric motor of 2KW power, having 645 RPM at no load to further enhance the overall fuel efficiency of the system, particularly the fuel consumption rate. To prove the enhancement in the efficiency of a traditional motor scooter is the main function/utility of this model. Many technologies like regenerative generation, electric motor drive, automatic start or shut off are also used in hybrid two- wheeler vehicles to make them as efficient as conventional vehicles. Though hybrid vehicles have electric motor and battery, they are can fueled like conventional vehicles as they use IC engine. At other side they can be partially or wholly powered by electricity. 


Hybrid two-wheeler vehicle, BLDC Hub motor, battery, IC engine, road emissions

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