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Line Follower Car

Kavita Shrivastava, Aprajita Kumari, Pingale Swapnali S., Perumalla Kerena S., Jadhav Krushnat S., Chothe Indrajeet N., Dode Mansi M.


The line follower car is a machine, or we can say a robot, which follows the visible line on the surface or floor which is simply a black line on a white surface. This kind of a car has the ability to sense the line with the help of the Infrared Ray (IR) sensors which is installed under the car. After that the data which is collected by the sensors is transmitted to the Arduino by specific transition buses. Thereafter, the Arduino decides the proper commands according to the program designed and then it sends the signal to the motor driver and thus the predefined path will be followed by the line follower car. This kind of a car can also be operated with the help of Bluetooth. Additional features in this car are also designed with their respective sensor such as temperature measurement, moisture detection, obstacle detection (distance measurement), LCD interfacing. 



Line follower car, Arduino, sensors, motor driver

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