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Effect of Climate Change on Water Resources

Anil Kumar


Observational records and climate projections provided enough evidence for the effect of climate change on global water resources and its consequences for human societies and ecosystems. It is a big environmental challenge to environmentalist for planning a long term water resources system and its management. Extensive studies are required to establish a relation among hydrology, water resources, planning management, operation management, environmental protection and ecological balance due to climate change. It has a close relationship with industry, agriculture, city development and economic fields. Irrigated agriculture was affected due to impacts of climate change which leads to the temperature and precipitation changes. This paper deals with the impact of climate change on the strategies of water resources and hydrological phenomena. The relationship between sea surface temperatures and the frequency of tropical storms is less clear. A variety of climatic and non-climatic processes influence flood processes, resulting in river floods, flash floods, urban floods, sewer floods, glacial lake outburst floods and coastal floods.

Keywords: Climate change, water resources, hydrology, ecosystem, environmental protection

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Anil Kumar. Effect of Climate Change on Water Resources. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies. 2016; 7(1): 44–48p.

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