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Kinetic Studies of Pristine and Nanonickel Catalyzed Ammonia Borane

Dileep Kumar, H.A. Mangalvedekar, S.K. Mahajan, A.C. Gangal


The high hydrogen content chemical hydride, Ammonia Borane (NH3BH3, AB) is considered in its pure and catalyzed form for decomposition kinetics. The thermodynamics and slow kinetics are the major issues in addition to potential damage the material likely to cause to the fuel cell. The ability of AB for faster dehydrogenation at lower temperatures with Nickel in its nanoform is explored. The release kinetics, activation energy is computed using Kissinger and iso conversional models for AB and ABNi which is elaborated in the paper.


Keywords: ammonia borane, nano nickel, dehydrogenation, kinetics, activation energy

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Kumar D, MangalvedekarHA, Mahajan SK, Gangal AC. Kinetic Studies of Pristine and Nanonickel catalyzed Ammonia Borane. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources & Technologies. 2015; 6(1): 7–13p.

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