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Wireless Weather Monitoring and Reporting System Powered by Renewable Energy and the Internet of Things

Dilansh M. Desai, Mayur M. Sevak


This work demonstrates an autonomous, renewable energy-powered weather monitoring system. A NodeMCU microcontroller that uses Wi-Fi to transmit data to the internet and a weather station that detects temperature, humidity, and air pressure make up the system. The system is run by a solar panel that charges a rechargeable battery, making it possible for it to function even in places without access to an electrical grid. The IoT platform ThingSpeak, an open-source IoT platform that offers data analytics and visualization capabilities, receives the collected data. Customers may access current weather information from the convenience of their homes, businesses, or any internet-connected device. The system is a ground-breaking method for tracking weather in remote locations and has a wide range of uses, including outdoor activities, construction, and agriculture.

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