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Automated Control of Conveyor Belt in Industries using DTMF and Internet Operation

Nurus Sabah Amrin, Virendra Kumar Verma


Transportation of raw materials or any goods in industries is the need of the hour. As the technologies are invented and developed, a revolution has been observed in the industries in terms of the production and packaging. The conveyor belt system is reliable, robust and provides satisfactory results to the manufacturer. This system with such a huge and important advantage has a requirement that it needs to be supervised time to time. Automatic machines are programmed and perform specific task only. It is hard for such a machine to take logical decisions. Hence, an observation system is needed to supervise the production plant, time to time, for minimizing the losses. To attain the concept of automation, a surveillance system is proposed in this literature. In the proposed system, there is a camera to monitor conveyor system, which sends information to the supervisor on mobile phone and hence there is no longer the need of the supervisor to continuously stay and monitor the conveyor system. For this, DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) device has been utilized to control the operation and the whole process is controlled using microcontroller.
Keywords: Conveyor belt, industry, IR, microcontroller, PLC, SCADA, sensor module, voltage regulator IC

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Nurus Sabah Amrin, Virendra Kumar Verma. Automated Control of Conveyor Belt in Industries using DTMF and Internet Operation. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2017; 7(1): 39–44p.

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