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Human Behaviour Anomaly Tracking System for Metro Railways

Sujoy Kumar Goswami


Increasing suicidal attempts at metro railway stations (underground railways) in today’s world is a very serious matter of concern. The aim of this idea is to utilize the advancement of technology for saving precious human lives. An intelligent system can be designed which uses real time Image Processing/Computer Vision/Deep Learning to reduce suicidal attempts and unusual behaviour (viz. planning for sabotage etc.) at underground Metro Station. The vision system constantly monitors the platform and railway tracks and also activities of various commuters. In case of any such suspicious behaviour or attempts of suicide, the system detects it and generates alert and notification signal, which in turn could be used to halt train and thus averts any suicide or sabotage. 

Keywords: Suicide, vision, sensor, metro-rail.

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Sujoy Kumar Goswami. Human Behaviour Anomaly Tracking System for Metro Railways. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2019; 10(1): 12–15p.

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