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Historical Review of GSM Based Automation in Contemporary World

Soni Bisht


The concept of clever domestic is an emerging issue to the modern-day generation-based
Society. Far-flung manage technologies are extensively used to manipulate household
electronic Appliances without strolling up to them. Controlling family home equipment
through the laptop also can be a probable solution. However, it cannot fulfill the current
demand which is to manipulate them from remote places. The benefit of cellular
communications like GSM technology is a potential solution for such far off controlling
activities. Home automation structures are an end result of an try to enhance the standards of
dwelling around and inside the house and were made possible via the step forward within the
location of integrated circuits and microprocessors. These systems provide the consumers
with increased security and safety, economic benefit through energy control, and convenience
by giving them control over every piece of domestic electrical equipment in the house.

Keywords: Automation system, DTMF, GSM, GPRS, M2M system

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