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Fabrication of Delta-Frame 3D Printer to Reduce Print Time

M. Deepak Kumar, K. Jeyapriya, G. Sai Sarika, Manikandan P.


3D printing refers to a process of printing 3-dimensional objects, also known as “rapid prototyping”. The reason behind the wide use of a 3D printer is that it enables the creators to deliver a model of what they want in a short period of time, which is tested and quickly remodelled if needed. This significantly decreases the expected time to get from the model stage to the final product. At the same time, through this technique, we can achieve complex models in highly precise forms, which through established techniques, would have been accomplished only in a large amount of time. The conventional 3D printer (Cartesian) takes up a lot of time to print the model and in this project, we will use a Delta-Frame to reduce the print time of models, which also has a better accuracy. 

Keywords: Delta 3D printer, print time reduction, delta robot, delta frame

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Deepak Kumar M, Jeyapriya K, Sai Sarika G et al. Fabrication of Delta-Frame 3D Printer to Reduce Print Time. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2018; 9(2): 12–16p.

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