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Implementation of Adaptive-PID Controller on the Single Board Heater System

Jiten N. Somaiya, Ankit K. Shah


The use of conventional controllers is limited when the system parameter changes. The effect of system parameter changes can be removed by the use of the adaptive controller. To improve the response of the adaptive controller, it can be possible to use the adaptive controller with the different set-ups like anti-windup, PID controller, soft computing techniques etc. Here the adaptive controller is used with the PID controller on the hardware Single Board Heater System (SBHS). Here the adaptive controller has been used with the model reference approach. In the model reference adaptive controller, the effect of adaptation gain on the response is very crucial. So to get the proper value of that particular parameter, the simulations have been done in the MATLAB. In the MATLAB, the simulation is done on the FOPDT model of the SBHS. To get the FOPDT model of the SBHS, a VI is developed in the LabView. Achieved value of that adaptation gain from the MATLAB simulations is used for the implementation of adaptive-PID controller on the SBHS. Implementation of adaptive-PID controller on the SBHS is done using the developed VI in LabView.

Keywords: Conventional controller, adaptive control, Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC), adaptation gain, FOPDT model, adaptive-PID.

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Somaiya Jiten N, Shah Ankit K. Implementation of Adaptive-PID Controller on the Single Board Heater System. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2018; 9(2): 25–34p.



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